Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Observer article

Sunday Observer of 12-07-2015 carried an article about our band. Pls. visit the following link to read it.

This is an article comes on a news paper after 7 years as Kings Band solely depends to get their bookings on merit. Anyway I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Heshan Perera of Lake house for taking time to listen to the band and deciding that he should highlight us on his page.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kings Band to night at the Rotarian Awards & dance. Hoping to meet a lot of friends..............

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kings band website visiters top 7500 mark in just 45 days......... If you are yet to see this site please follow thew link. GO HERE

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sri Lankan Live Bands


 Sri Lankan live bands


The live band is Kings Band

(Probably the most popular band in Sri Lanka)

Since 1972 an experience of playing for more than 1200 dances, 3400 weddings, 600 concerts, 400 cooperate events and 700 other functions.

KINGS BAND formed in 1983 as a quartette and first performed at the Blue Leopard night club in Grand Oriental Hotel with Dalreen Suby before touring Europe in 1984. The first members of the band were Shiran Munasinghe, Meleantha Perera, Ranil Vaas and Chandral Fonseka. Even after 30 years, still KINGS BAND is a well recognized live band in Sri Lanka. The music style is Retro and they play a variety of songs from 50s’ to the current songs in 2015. When hire for weddings they are capable of performing Sinhala pops as well on request.
Under the leadership of Chandral Fonseka, the band has become a very well known among the music loving people of Sri Lanka. Chandral Fonseka, is the Bassist of the band cum leader/manager. He is a Music director, lyricist, singer, sound & recording engineer (KINGS Recording & Mixing), as well as a musician who have played for more than 5000 song recordings in Sri Lanka. He is an original member of the most famous band of the 70’s “THE SUPER GOLDEN CHIMES”.
The present drummer Sampath Galappaththi is been playing drums and singing for the last 20+ years with his family band  and works as an assistant accountant as well in a well established company.
Shakila Gamegama who plays Key-boards, formally was with ‘Pink ‘N’ Purple and has been a session musician throughout. He played with Indra Rajah’s “MOVE IT” show as well as with the “SUPER GOLDEN CHIMES” shows s during the past few years.
Samudra Dewanarayana is playing guitar with KINGS BAND and has been a freelance musician for more than 10 years.
Shamenlee Fernando of ex “BOTTOM LINE” is the female singer of the band and has done a few originals on her own as well.
The specialty of KINGS BAND is all members sing in the band and that brings more variety to their performance while each and everone has got different taste in music to add variety to their performances.
The band leader has toured most of the European countries, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Also USA, and Canada. Also almost all middle eastern countries Australia and India.
Presently performing on a regular basis on every Thursday at the RnR Tap House in the Old Dutch Hospital Building at Colombo Fort.
KINGS BAND have toured many countries during their 32 years in music and looking forward to tour any destination on short time performances.
Kings Band intends release their first ever CD shortly which comprises songs to be hits in Sri Lanka. The band is working out at present with the songs and this year it will become reality.

Kings band recently launched their web site and invite all of you who visit this blog to come over to have a look at it and listen to some of their live performances.