Monday, October 23, 2017

Original members of Clarence with Marians

Dear Nalin Perera and Marians, Thank you for the music and making it the most memorable show ever.........................The best sound I experienced ever at a show..........A house full of people enjoyed every minute of it.....Thank you Rukshan PereraDixon Gunaratne and Nimal Perera for bringing back old but golden memories we had on stage with Clarence Wijewardena fan club(Namely Clarence Wijewardana.) We all know Dixon Gunaratne was responsible for more than 50% of interludes and introductions to Clarence's songs. If anyone needs justice for Moonstones, Golden Chimes and Super Golden Chimes songs they should be played by the members who played for those recordings......It is also time to remember with gratitude that still love of music prevail in our country with bands like Marians at a time of package popularity of songs. Someone could disagree with me on what I say here but being musicians who have been in the music industry for more that 45 years and who have made their mark internationally today we are sooooooooo.....happy that still we have fans who enjoy our music.......At the same time I like to remember Srikantha Dassanayake, Conrad Gooneratne, Cumar Peries and Sooriyakumar Weerasingham who are not with us today but all their contributions made the icing on the cake for Clarence Wijewardana.

Sunday, August 13, 2017